Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Cedar Fair / Destiny Capital Drama

Yesterday Cedar Fair put out a release that they are not in talks with Destiny Capital Solutions about buying the company.

Now today, the Sandusky Register has an article that quotes this McDuff character as saying that he's been corresponding with officials at Cedar Fair afterall.

However, McDuff says in this article that he's been in "talks" for two weeks and they've had contact on the phone and through e-mail.

This guys sounds a little off his rocker. You can't leak info to a tabloid newspaper like the Post and base it all off of two weeks that probably contained a phone call and one e-mail or something.

That is not formal "talks" with a company about raising $4.1 billion in order to purchase them. This is a guy who is trying to work up press and run his mouth like he did with Gilroy Gardens. That's my opinion, anyway.

Additionally, in the article McDuff says that the wants to keep Cedar Fair as the "family organization" that it is. Really, it's a family? No, actually it's not. This guys needs to zip it.