Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dorney Park Mid-Season Update + 2008

I thought it was a fitting time to do a Dorney Park update, seeing as about half the summer has now passed.

I braved the park today, knowing it would be packed. Yesterday looked like an over-over-over-flow parking lot day, so I wouldn't dare go near the park. Today wasn't as bad, but it was certainly crowded. A nice weekend for the park indeed.

You know things aren't good when this is what you see when you get out of your car. I've never visited and had to park in the overflow lot, so I decided to call this trip an adventure.

Walking through this and under Lincoln Ave was interesting. It was very tunnel by Magnum-ish, only that tunnel at Cedar Point is considerably less high. There was no school bus taxi service today, I'm not sure if they've cut that completely, or if it was just today. Anyone?

Ahh, we made it in the park. The main midway has a new game for kids. The Kiddie Hi-Striker is $5 for two hits. I did not see one kid lose, so I suppose it could be called "Buy Your Kid A Stuffed Fish for $5." Either way the kids liked it so it's all good.

I know I covered the water cannons on White Water Landing before, but since then they received a nice sign.

Here is one of the cannons blasting at a boat that I totally missed getting in frame. The people in the boat clapped when they got wet. Not bad entertainment for a quarter.

I've never seen this little show in Camp Snoopy before, and today was no different. I did stop to take this picture though, just because I've never seen the show take place before.

The trout pond got these snazzy new signs. Perhaps they've been there all year but I just noticed them today. Love how little history things keep popping up. Whomever at the park is responsible for this, if you're reading, great job and keep it up!

This also is not mid-season new, but Laser Games got a new sign this year. I know it's extra nerdy to take pictures of new signs but DP's Sign Shop has always done such nice work that I pay attention to these things.

Apparently the Poker game wasn't a hit, now it's Milk Can. That or it was moved and I didn't notice it's new location.

Oh, and I also found what I think is the coolest souvenir since large park maps, stickers! It's a left over childhood thing, but stickers rock.

Drum-roll please, here's the 2008 stuff.

As we already know, Not-So-Mysterious Mystery Project 2008 has some marker flags in the ground. Now, as seen in the bottom picture, there are also the utility flags marking the area.

The markings are obviously in the area of the former SkyScraper ride. They extend to these, seen above, which are located to the right of Laser Refreshments. I did not ride Zephyr or go anywhere I didn't belong, but I could not see ANY markings any closer to Laser than what can be seen above.

My point, I'm not sold on the theory that Laser is leaving. What do you think?

That's all for now. I'm sure we'll see more activity before the season is over so I'll keep my eyes open for that.