Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dorney Park Lifejacket Update

In the wake of the sad accident that took place at Great America in California, all Cedar Fair parks now require lifejackets to be used for anyone under 48" tall in their wave pools. Some parks will require them for other attractions, such as lazy rivers.

Of course, this includes Dorney's Wildwater Kingdom, which has two wave pools. They have signs up and areas to pick up life jackets at both pools. They also have a life guard positioned in the shallow end of the pool with a height measurement stick.

Here's what they have a Wildwater Cove:

Perhaps the lifejacket distribution areas are temporary for right now, but they were functioning well today. Most kids seemed happy to put one on, and as desired almost all the little ones were wearing one.

Apparently Cedar Fair had this rule in effect in their three Ohio parks already, as it is some sort of state law. It's sad that it takes a tragedy for positive changes to be made (in life, not just at parks) but this is a positive move and a smart one as well.

Kudos to Cedar Fair on this one, in my opinion.