Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dollywood 1998 Map

Here's a copy of Dollywood's 1998 map. New for 1998 was Daredevil Falls, a log flume. Additionally, Paradise Road, a show about Dolly's life was new.

And this is from an additional Dollywood Press Release:

Daredevil Falls is a “super flume ride” which opened in April 1998. It was manufactured by O.D. Hopkins Associates, Inc. of Contoocook, New Hampshire.

The Thrill Ride’s Story Line: Passengers begin their adventure at the Outfitters Base Camp, boarding the outfitter boats for a wilderness river excursion. As the riders travel down the river they encounter tunnels, bats, collapsing mine shafts, and black bears before traveling up the working lift of an abandoned saw mill. As they narrowly escape the spinning saw blade, their boat is diverted to the reject log channel, only to plunge over the river falls into the logjam filled pond below.

Ride Length: 1,350 feet
Steepest Change in Elevation: 64 feet
Boats: 12 (8 passengers each)
Maximum Speed: 50 mph
Drop: 67 feet
Capacity: 1,100 per hour
Ride Time: 3 minutes; 56 seconds