Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kings Dominion Trip Part 6

Okay this should be the last part of my Kings Dominion trip, I swear!

Another coaster in the Congo section is the 1991 Arrow Dynamics designed Anaconda. You can see the ride's layout in the above photo, minus the station and brakes.

I think that the above picture sums up how I felt about this ride.

Avalanche, a Mack Bobsled coaster was added to the Congo in 1988. It's a pretty fun family ride, and it vibrates the whole ride which is funny. Hard to get photos of though as the ride is in a corner of the park.

Italian Job: Turbo Coaster is located in the Congo, though it makes no sense at all and really breaks the theme. The ride is fun though, fast paced but still mild enough to take the kids on and have a good time.

When I was there almost all the special effects were working. The audio (not a surprise) was the problem, it only worked at all on one of my rides and even then it would stop at times then start again. But the helicopter and fire and stuff all worked nicely.

I've never been to any part of the Congo, but I am sure there are a lot of parking garages like this all over.

And now for a couple random items. Here is a photo of the best wooden roller coaster in the park:
Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster is pretty cool. Those short trains really go flying around the track. And I love how really little kids can ride!

Here's a shot of one half of their water park. Aside from the new Tornado slide, this is the original section and the slides are showing it. With all the room they have I honestly feel they should ditch this half of the water park and build on to the VERY spread out section behind Rebel Yell. Here's a shot of that back section:

That big blue slide is new this year as well. But as you can see, there is a ton of room back here and most of it isn't filled in with anything. So if you want to use the lazy river and then head to a wave pool, get ready to walk. A lot.

I take it by where they put the Tornado slide my dream here won't happen, but it'd be great if it did. Park designers must remember that in water park, people are walking without shoes! Less walking = much better.

OMG last photo!

A final thought about Kings Dominion. The place is really nice and has been developed pretty well, at least in my opinion.

I'm scared for the park though. A lot of what the park does well depends on the fact that many rides, areas, and attractions are themed. I'm just praying that Cedar Fair pays to keep things as they are now. Theming IS important, especially for a park like these where EVERY customer expects it.

I'd just hate to see it all neglected to the point where attractions are shadows of their former selves.

Okay, that's it kids.