Friday, July 20, 2007

More on Dollywood 2008

I'm still thinking that River Battle at Dollywood is going to be a Splash Battle by 3DBA / Preston & Barbieri. The above photo is a model of a Splash Battle done by the creators of the ride. You can see some similarities to the Dollywood art. But in this photo:

© Flamingo Land Crazy 2007

... you can really see some similarities. The layout of this one at Flamingoland is not too far off, and they even have little portholes along the walkway that you can shoot water from, just like in the Dollywood art.

It is great though that Dollywood had them double the capacity of each boat. I've never been on one of these but from what I'm reading in reviews they seems to have some slow moving lines. I'm sure the extra capacity will help with that.