Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dorney Park Fun Facts #15

New For 1998

Hang Time - Hang Time is a state-of-the-art thrill ride that will make its debut at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom for the 1998 season. This 59-foot-tall thrill ride rocks back and forth, rolls backward several times and suspends guests in mid-air. Hang Time whirls, twirls, spins and reels guests repeatedly throughout the ride. A fountain that sprays water in the air is located in front of the ride. Guests may get wet on occasion as they orbit through the air. Designed by Huss, Bremen, German, Hang Time has two rows of seats and is able to accommodate up to 40 guests.

Island Water Works - Island Water Works will also make its debut this season in Dorney Park's waterpark, Wildwater Kingdom. This interactive play station is sure to thrill guests of all ages. Island Water Works has more than 70 "water gags" including misters, jet sprays, bubblers, dumping troughs, funny mirrors and more. This three-story structure is garnished with gigantic portholes, playful designs on its walls and bright colors. Two of the most exciting aspects of the attraction include a "pressure building boiler" and color-coded targets with dumping buckets.

Coasters - Coasters, a 50's style diner, is also new for 1998. This unique eatery has neon pink lights and glass block windows. Inside guests feel like they are back in the 50's when they sit in vinyl booths at chrome edged tables. In addition, they are able to play tunes on private jukeboxes located at each booth or on the large Wurlitzer Juke Box in the restaurant. Coasters seats 84 inside and a couple dozen more on its outside patio. The menu includes pizza, burgers, fries, floats, shakes and fountain drinks.

Fudge and Taffy Shop - Next to Coasters is a new taffy and fudge shop that will also make its debut in 1998. Guests are able to watch fudge being made. In addition to taffy and fudge, the shop sells a variety of candy and assorted-coated apples.

Thunder Creek Speedway - Thunder Creek Speedway, and all-new go-kart track, is being added for the 1998 season. The pay-as-you-go attraction is located beneath Steel Force near the lake. Thunder Creek Speedway is sure to thrill race fans. NASCAR themed cars, that reach a maximum speed of 18 m.p.h., compete on a 1,200-foot track. The cars have a fully enclosed body design and are detailed on the outside with NASCAR-style decals to offer a true experience of NASCAR driving.

More Upgrades - In addition to all the new improvements within the Park, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom will also complete the paving of its main parking facility.


Unknown said...

My family was at Dorney Park on Friday, August 10th of 2001. Toward the evening a thunderstorm rolled-in and we ducked into Coasters. What luck! We were able to watch the storm come and go as we had pizza (pretty sure it was pizza) and spoke of our day in the park. I don't believe that we ever spent less than ten hours at Dorney Park whenever we went. That visit was my wife's last trip to Dorney Park as the following year she passed away at the too young age of 44 from the deleterious effects of cancer. I have yet to go back to Dorney Park as of this writing but I want to get there if only to ride The Zephyr and douse some french fries with vinegar. I have so many consistently good memories of times spent with family at Dorney Park.

After the storm we walked outside of Coasters as the neon and lights were coming on. Dorney Park took on a different tone or character after dark. Memories of ambling through the park's cozy confines, circa 1968 or so, are what fuels my nostalgic love of that bygone era. Walking out of the themed area near Coasters and into the cool night air that evening was like going back in time.