Monday, January 19, 2009

What's New At Wonderland?

Wonderland Amusement Park, Amarillo Texas, is getting out word that the park's 2009 season looks to be one of the best ever.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, Wonderland isn't a park that is talked about that often, but is a great independent park that has a rich history of thrilling Texans for decades. What do they offer? Well here's a great synopsis:

"Known as Texas’ Greatest Amusement Park, Wonderland features 28 rides and there’s something for everyone!

Our Kiddieland has a selection of fun for little ones including the popular Frog Hopper, and our Kiddie Boat Ride, which has been here since the park opened in 1951.

For the older kids, teens, and for those adults who are kids at heart, we offer some great thrills, like our 3 coasters, including the famous Texas Tornado, our double loop roller coaster. Another original we offer is our dark ride, The Fantastic Journey.

For those looking for a way to cool down, try one of our several water rides, including the Rattlesnake Rive Raft Ride, or take a trip down the Pipeline Plunge. And of course no park is complete without classics like the Tilt-a-Whirl, the Scrambler, or Himalaya."

As for the park's 2009 season, it looks to be one of the best ever with the addition of the West End section of the park:

"This season Wonderland will open our new WEST END! This area in Wonderland will feature 3 new rides, The Hornet, (formally the Mayan Mindbender at AstroWorld in Houston TX), our Fiesta Swing (the yoyo) and the Drop of Fear, a 200 ft. Tower drop. We will also have a new Tiki Village to lounge in and enjoy a cool area, to relax."

Sounds great! It's wonderful, too, that they're opening one of the rides from the defunct Six Flags Astroworld as well.

We look forward to more updated from the park in the future!