Friday, January 2, 2009

Hard Rock Park Files Chapter 7

Filing for Chapter 7 is not a good thing, especially if anyone ever hoped of going to a reopened Hard Rock Park.

Unable to find a buyer for the entire property, lawyers for Hard Rock Park have asked to change the property's status to Chapter 7. At this point, a trustee of the court will take over and start to liquidate any and all assets the park has in order to pay debts.

This, however, could be good news for Cedar Fair and Six Flags, as all of the park's rides and attractions will now be sold at probably fire-sale prices. What park wouldn't want Led Zeppelin? I love Mine Trains, and with how cheap someone could pick up the Eagles' ride and add some real theming? Lots of possibilities here.

It's sad news that this is probably the final nail in Hard Rock Park's coffin, but who didn't really see this coming after no one bid on it at such a cheap price?