Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quick Rockit Progress

© 2009

Rockit at Universal Studios Florida has been making quick progress again this week, as a great portion of the later half of the ride is now complete.

Seen above, the helix that extends out toward the CityWalk section of the Resort Property has been completed and looks pretty wild. This will really liven up the area!

Head over to OrlandoRocks to see all the progress.


Chris said...

I'm actually a little surprised they decided not to extend it further onto the citywalk side. You can see in the pictures this is (one of) the far end(s) for the coaster. The nearest shop is the Hard Rock Cafe/Arena (and the Blue Man show). I'm not sure how many people walk all the way from the Nascar cafe to hard rock if that is their destination, rather than walking towards IOA in order to get to Hard Rock. One of the goals is to get people to notice the ride from Citywalk-- I wish they could have figured a way to get the ride to be more prominently "featured" on the citywalk midway (maybe they could garner enough interest to keep the ride open after hours for Citywalk guests this way?). Also, clearly this is not where the tallest parts of the ride are--- but still, it's a great idea for them to have a coaster out front.