Thursday, January 29, 2009

Astroland Rocket Saved

New York city officials have announced that the famous Astroland Rocket will be saved and be incorporated into the redevelopment of Coney Island.

"The 71 foot-long, 14,000 pound Rocket was removed from its perch atop Gregory and Paul’s boardwalk stand in anticipation of its move to Homeport in Staten Island, a City-owned facility operated by NYCEDC. The Rocket will become a permanent and iconic part of the 27 acre redeveloped amusement district in Coney Island. "

Carol Hill Albert and Jerry Albert, whose family owned Astroland, donated the famous Rocket to the city for use in the redevelopment.

"The Rocket was the first ride debuted at Astroland Park when it opened in 1962 and one of the first space voyage simulators created during the Space Race. Originally built as the "Star Flyer," it was renamed the Astroland Rocket in 1963 and continued to operate through the 1970’s. The ride had 26 seats and lifted on hydraulics to simulate launching into space. "

It's wonderful that the city is trying to preserve some history as part of their plans for Coney Island.


Freddy said...

I'm going to visit Astroland when I'm old to ride the Cyclone, hope the Cyclone don't get removed or demolish by 2012 or ever!!