Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another SBNO B&M Inverted

© Rob Nugen via RCDB

Expoland, located in Japan, closed in May of 2007 for a few months after a fatal accident took place on the TOGO designed Fujin Raijin II. The park reopened for a little bit later in 2007 but closed before the start of 2008.

Since then the park and its rides have been sitting but not operating. Toward the end of last year the park owners said they have filed for bankruptcy protection because no one would help the park get out of debt and reopen - this move also basically cancelled the park's hope of reopening.

Why am I telling you this? Well, Expoland is the park in Japan that has the clone of Raptor at Cedar Point. Named, Orochi, the B&M Inverted ride was added to the park in 1996 and has now sat unused for a year, with no future plans to be reopened.

If the park is going under for good one would think they'd try to sell some rides, and a 13 or so year old B&M would be attractive to potential buyers. Gambit at the closed Thrill Valley park, also in Japan, was moved to Six Flags New Orleans and then to Six Flags Fiesta where it's now Goliath, so it's certainly been done before.

And really, what U.S. park wouldn't benefit from a Raptor clone?


Ryan said...

Valleyfair. All I'm sayin'.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Good Choice! Their B&M Inverted is looooong overdue.

Ride trader said...

USA have loads of inverters...i wish to see that one somewhere else....
btw it is for sale just dunow how much they r asking for it.