Wednesday, January 14, 2009

R.I.P(ieces) High Speed Thrill Coaster

Rumors were strong that Knoebels was removing the park's classic High Speed Thrill Coaster, but without confirmation I didn't want to face facts.

Well, now Screamscape has published photos of the ride being dismantled so the facts are pretty much in my face at this point. The coaster, which looks suspiciously like a kiddie coaster, rode like a bucking bronco and certainly lived up to it's name.

Knoebels is a fan favorite for many reasons, but ERT on the High Speed Thrill Coaster was definitely one of them! The ride was built in 1955, so it's already outlived many steel coasters and given a great many rides. It's age alone makes it nearly impossible to blame the park for its removal.

The good news is that the latest rumor is that Knoebels might have been the purchaser of the trains and track from the Golden Nugget! We'll see...


NotOfThisWorld said...

Hi, I live about 20 min from the park and have been watching the progress and took thos photos featured on Screamscape. I have more shots if anyone is interested, or if you would like o post them to your blog just let me know.

NewsPlusNotes said...


Thanks for the offer. I'd love to post your photos on NPN!

Please send anything you'd like to newsplusnotes[at] and I would be happy to post them.

Thanks again!