Friday, January 2, 2009

December's Poll Results

And so another year bites the dust. And with that happening, we had our last poll of 2008!

In December we asked you guys what Six Flags coaster is most needing an 'extreme' makeover, like X at Six Flags Magic Mountain received. And with capital expansion dollars squeezed tighter than ever these days, this type of 'new' attraction is perfect for the cash strapped Six Flags, Inc!

Our winner by a decent margin was The Joker's Jinx at Six Flags America in Maryland. The ride was added to the park in 1999 during Six Flags' coaster frenzy phase. It originally opened with over-the-shoulder restraints but the trains received better lap bar restraints for the 2002 season.
Since then, though, the ride has received little attention and does indeed seem ripe for a makeover. The slight decorations the ride has in the queue and station even lends itself toward a new theme! Plus, Six Flags America hasn't seen a new, or revamped, coaster since Batwing in 2001.

In 2nd place we had Mr. Freeze at Six Flags St. Louis. This one might not really be in the running as much as we'd like though, as it seems it's receiving a new paint job this off-season but without a new theme and flame throwers!
Third was Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, the coaster that's already had three major paint jobs but no theme in it's life. Can't say I blame anyone for voting for Chang.
4th place was Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. The ride's massive height and length does lend it toward a prominent place at the park, but I can't say I think we'll see this one rethemed any time soon.
Just for good measure let's take a spin on our winner, Joker's Jinx. What could you imagine for the ride if it was redone?


dwitos079 said...

I say the next poll should be best arrow mega looper.