Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Spin 1.7.2009

Cypress Gardens hasn't had much activity since the new owners announced that the rides and animals will be removed late last year. This article is sorta an update for what's going on with the park now. It doesn't sound like much is set in stone yet, but all parties are still optimistic for a March reopening.

Busch Entertainment Company is closing the Hospitality Centers at Sea World Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa at the end of the month. These were the areas of the parks where guests could sample and enjoy Busch beer brands. Speculation is that the new owners are removing the beer tasting areas in order to make the parks even more attractive to a new owner.

Somehow I missed this one when I created this month's poll, but no good news seems to come out about Joyland Amusement Park, in Kansas, which closed in 2006. The park is continuing to see more vandalism take place on property, and no one seems interested in buying the park's land. The owners have recently sold some of the park's flat rides, and say they do not expect the park to reopen ever. Sad news.

Looks like Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's new offering for the 2009 season will be not much more than a new concert series. At least it's something! The park will hold the Starburst Summer Concert Series next year which will have various acts from teen starts to Christian bands. The concerts are free as part of park admission.

The Wall Street Journal has picked up the Hard Rock Park story, and yesterday a judge approved the request for Chapter 7 and now the park is free to begin selling off everything and anything it has. Who wants a slightly used B&M?!

Disney Parks have announced that as part of their "What Will You Celebrate?" campaign for 2009 they will be giving members of the U.S. Military free admission to their parks. Members can get a 3 Day Hopper Pass at Disneyland or a 5 Day Hopper Pass at Disney World in Florida. I think this is a great idea!