Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aerial Antics: Let's Go To Tokyo!

Tokyo Dome City, located in the obvious Tokyo, Japan, has a wide variety of activities to offer you and your family if you are in the city and looking for fun. Catch a baseball game at the Tokyo Dome, do some shopping, enjoy a meal, or go on amusement rides, it's all there for you!

But we love rides, right? Well Tokyo Dome City has some large ones, like Thunder Dolphin:

Which runs the perimeter and on top of the LaQua section of the property. The Intamin Mega Coaster was opened in 2003, and features a 262 ft. lift and 3,500 ft. of track. It goes though a hubless Ferris Wheel at one point as well.

Around the block in another section of the property can be found the first Intamin Impulse Coaster, but this one lacks a twisted side. Both towers are straight up and down. How would you like to live in one of those apartment buildings right across the street?

Also take notice of the old school Parachute Tower ride the park still has. Now removed from Knott's Berry Farm, only a couple operating towers of this kind still exist in the U.S.

If you want to play around, here's the link.