Friday, January 9, 2009

Alton Towers 2010 Plans & Drawings

Alton Towers has started the process of filing for approval for their planned 2010 new roller coaster. In order to do so, they unfortunately (for them, at least) have to show off a lot of their plans during this process. Here is a link to a bunch of those plans that have been submitted.

Now, there is a lot of mumbo jumbo in there so I snapped some images and highlights:

^ This little snip is featured because it shows that the ride will be 20 meters from ground level high, and operate using hydraulics.

^ This one features some interesting items, like the fact that the facade will feature octopus tentacles, and the entrance will have bones and a skull. These give hints toward the theming of the ride...

Speaking of the entrance, here's the entrance to the ride's queue. Again, more hints at the ride's theming...

Here is the ride's layout from the air. Nothing to fancy, but you can see that a lot of the track is buried in the trees, and the station is a rather large structure. The two 'switch' areas are still present, used to reverse direction of the train.

As for the ride itself, here is a sight-line drawing that shows the ride's layout from a 3-D perspective.

^ A rather detailed drawing of the station structure.

Speaking of the station structure, here are some drawings of the building. These again give away a lot of little hints as to the ride's possible themes. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, though.

Still no word on who's manufacturing the ride, but it looks like quite an attraction is being proposed for the park either way!