Friday, January 23, 2009

Aeiral Antics: PortAventura

I was playing around with Live Local once more, and tracked down some bird's eye views of PortAventura in Spain.

The park is home to some interesting coasters, and some very high level theming due to it's former relationship with Universal. The park opened in 1995 as a joint venture between Tussands Group, Busch Entertainment, and Universal. Universal soon bought most of the ownership of the property, added a waterpark and several hotels, and then eventually sold all their ownership of the property.

Here's the very impressive looking Dragon Khan. The B&M monster sit-down coaster features over 4,000 ft of track an a 160+ ft first drop.

Above the wooden coasters Stampida, which were built by Custom Coasters in 1997 and features a near head on collision. Intertwined with Stampida is Tomahawk, a small family wooden coaster opened at the same time as well.

I love mine trains, that's no secret. Above we have Diablo, one of the later, (technically 2nd latest, Road Runner Express at Six Flags Fiesta Texas was the last one) mine trains designed by Arrow Dynamics. The ride has three lifts like a good mine train should, and features a wooden structure.

There's lots more to see, but I'll let you see the sights on your own. Use this link to get to the images, and then move to the right a bit to start with the park.


Freddy said...

Best Theme Park ever. Shame I didn't get to ride "Furius Baco" because It was close for the 3 days I was there!!