Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saw The Ride Testing Video

Thorpe Park Mania has some exclusive footage of Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park testing. You can get to the video by following this link.

The ride really keeps a very quick pace after completing the first drop. You can also see in the video the massive saw blades that await riders at the bottom of that drop! Looks like a fun ride, and the first, indoor, section continues to be a mystery for now.


Jason said...

This ride is going to be amazing. I'm so gonna try to make a trip to the UK just so I can ride!

Freddy said...

For SAW’S opening day I’ve got a very big update that’s I have planned for the 14th of March, With my usual over 50 pics photo album off everything of the ride, and I well video plenty off off ride raw footed to watch and lots of extra stuff such as reports and review from other people, And maybe if I fill lucky, a POV!!. Please can you advertise them on your post on that day?.