Saturday, April 18, 2020

Six Flags Magic Mountain Files Plans for 2021 Coaster Project

© Six Flags Great Adventure
The sleuths over on Reddit have posted a link to some approved plans for a new roller coaster for Six Flags Magic Mountain's 2021 season.  They are marked as approved in early March, so take 2021 with a giant, whopping grain of salt as all plans for all parks are probably up in the air depending on how the rest of the pandemic plays out.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The new roller coaster would somewhat replace the park's Green Lantern: First Flight coaster, which is supposed to open at La Ronde this year.  That means that the new coaster's layout, contained in the black box in the above image, will extend through the part of the park themed around super heroes and villains.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The plans also include an aerial of the ride layout, which is the most exciting and most telling.  This appears to be a very similar ride to the currently under construction Jersey Devil Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.  A Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor style coaster appears to be planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain, using the Green Lantern's station area as its own.  The ride would then turn 90 degrees and head out over the parks shoot-the-chutes (unless it is removed), and into the plaza area in front of the Riddler's Revenge.

© Google Maps
For comparison purposes, here is the area of the park where the coaster would be located.  Just keep in mind that there is no way to know for sure that this ride will move forward for 2021, but it certainly would be great if it did!