Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cedar Fair to Extend 2020 Season Passes to Cover 2021 Season

© Cedar Fair
As these trying times continue, parks and attractions are looking at ways to manage both the uncertainty of when they will be able to reopen and relationships with their customers.  As we've learned in watching the regional players over the past few years, the season pass holder is regarded as one of their most important customers.  To that end, Cedar Fair has decided to give their passholders a huge benefit in the form of a free year of park visits.

In a rash of e-mailed announcements today, the Cedar Fair parks sent out updates to season pass holders.  They do not give an update as to when the parks can open, understandable as too much is still unclear at this time surrounding the virus.

They did however note that all season pass products will be extended "through the 2021 season according to pass type."  So, for those who purchased or purchase a 2020 season pass, suddenly the entire 2021 season is coming along with it.  And even better, add-on products such as all drink and meal plans, will be valid in 2021 as well.

© Cedar Fair
As we opened with up top, this move helps with both the uncertainty of the parks opening, and at the same time is a huge win for customer satisfaction.  Plus, monthly billing for the passes will remain suspended until the parks are able to reopen.  This all combines to be one of the smartest moves in the industry thus far, at least in my own opinion.

So if you haven't picked up a pass for your local Cedar Fair park yet but were thinking about it, now might be an excellent time.  Also, if you don't have an add-on you've thought about in the past, getting it at half price (or for two years, however you want to look at it) isn't so bad either!