Friday, April 17, 2020

Indiana Beach Hinting at a New Owner + Reopening in 2020

© Indiana Beach
After being closed for good by Apex Parks, Indiana Beach has had a lot of support from fans and local government who hoped to see the classic amusement park saved.  It is looking like that may indeed happen, as the park has started to post some fun hints on their social media about their status.

Above is Indiana Beach's cover photo on Facebook, which is a pretty obvious hint about their future.  Crossing off the "permanently" closed is about as bold a statement you can make, although no news has broken yet as to who may have purchased the park.

We can be sure that it isn't Apex Parks who just filed for bankruptcy protection on top of closing several of their properties.

© Indiana Beach
Hopefully it will not be long until a new owner is revealed, one who can sustainably operate the park and all its attractions.  This park is loved by many, and while some changes in attraction offerings and other features might be necessary to make it in the long run, even a modified version of the park is better than none at all.

Indiana Beach has also posted the above image, featuring their mascot asking us all of we can keep a secret?  Hopefully the secret is that they have a new owner!  Stay tuned, I doubt it will be long until we have an official confirmation.