Thursday, April 23, 2020

Indiana Beach Has New Owner, Plans to Possibly Reopen This Summer

© Indiana Beach
A new owner has been revealed for Indiana Beach, one who is committed to reopening the park as soon as July of this year - depending on timing related to the current pandemic.

In a slightly unusual announcement, which saw the park's social media pages updated reflecting the park's reopening but with no real detail, most of the guts of the news comes from this Facebook story from News & Review, a local news source that publishes via social media. (however it has been confirmed in larger media outlets and through the local commissioners and Mayor)

The story lists the park's new owner as Gene Staples, a Chicago area investor who plans to restore the park to its former glory.  Described as an amusement park fan, Mr. Staples understands the importance of classic amusement parks and also what the property means for the local community.

The details are in the story, but it sounds like his first mission will be to get the park open and polished up.  It sounds like the debt needed to obtain the park will be structured in such a way that it will make the establishment viable in the long term.

Also, the season passes that people purchased, at least ones that were not refunded by Apex or credit card companies, will be honored when the park reopens.  The campground will also reopen, possibly sooner than the amusement park.

There is a section of the story that talks about reopening the park just after a large pandemic, which does leave some room for possibly pushing back the reopening to 2021.  That depends entirely on the way the virus battle plays out.

The park's official website is still reflecting a closed status, hopefully that will be updated with ongoing information as reopening plans are made.  Best wishes to the park's new owners, it's wonderful to hear that the park will remain!