Monday, April 20, 2020

Dorney Park's Alfundo Returns For a Good Cause

© Dorney Park
Here is a nice feel good moment - Dorney Park's famous Alfundo the clown mascot has made a reappearance in order to help raise money and awareness for an emergency Covid-19 fund that is being run through the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Alfundo was brought out of a sleepy retirement in order to take part in the Goals for LV Challenge, which is sponsored on social media by the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.  Those who are challenged must donate $1 for each goal they make in 20 seconds, in their own house or backyard of course.

Here is Alfundo's attempt:

Not too bad for a clown that's in his 60s now!

Also notice that Alfundo says that he might just stop in at Dorney Park here and there once it is able to reopen!  It's great to see the old guy again, who's name famously is a combination of ALlentown has FUN at DOrney.  He was a prominent feature of the park from 1960 through the mid 1980s, and it's great to see him back again, even if not on a daily basis, and especially for a great cause!