Monday, April 13, 2020

From The Vault: Kennywood's 2011 Brochure

© Kennywood
2011 was an exciting year for Kennywood, one of the nation's finest classic amusement parks.  A brand new roller coaster, named Sky Rocket, had debuted in the middle of the prior summer, which meant that it was still the big focus for the park's 2011 season.  The ride is a custom designed launch roller coaster from Premier Rides, featuring several inversions and a giant top hat.  Naturally this made it a perfect fit for the cover of the park's brochure.

© Kennywood
Sky Rocket certainly attracted the attention of the park's guests, but the amusement park offers so very much more than just that one ride.  While that latest and greatest ride did get a lot of real estate in this spread, there are plenty of other rides featured here as well.  Kennywood has a fantastic mix of both classic and modern rides, and is a favorite park of many.

© Kennywood
And if you want to get into the details of what the park has to offer, they were kind enough to include a part map right in the brochure!  The park has changed quite a bit just in the time since 2011, with notable attractions like the free fall and log flume now a part of the park's cherished history.  But new ride have replaced those to keep things fresh, such as last year's enormous investment with the Steel Curtain.

With a 120+ year long history, Kennywood has shown that it's not afraid to balance the old with the new, and that's a winning formula for them and their fans!


Andrew said...

Kennywood and the rest of the Palace parks have always used these brochures as double duty - you'll see them on pamphlet stands and as the park maps!