Saturday, December 21, 2019

West Edmonton Mall Changing Galaxyland to New Hasbro Theme

© Galaxyland
Galaxyland amusement park, located within the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, has announced that it will embark on a year long process of retheming to Hasbro licensed intellectual properties.  The park opened in 1983 as an amenity to the largest mall in North America, and carries an outer space theme... hence the name Galaxyland.

The partnership with Hasbro will see all their properties spread out in the park through attraction renames along with food and beverage, retail and other incorporations.  Hasbro will be bringing licenses such as My Little Pony, Nerf, G.I. Joe, Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh and a ton of board games like Monopoly, Operation and Battleship.

© Galaxyland
This is the park's current map, which shows that things are pretty heavily themed to outer space throughout the park.  It's not totally clear if the outer space theme will be totally removed, or if Hasbro properties will be incorporated into the existing theme.  So My Little Ponies in outer space, Mr. Potato Head in outer space, G.I. Joe in outer space... well you get the drift.  The completion of the retheming is scheduled for winter 2020 when the park will officially named Galaxyland Powered by Hasbro.

Galaxyland is well known for Mindbender, a classic 3 loop Schwarzkopf coaster and in more recent years has built Galaxy Orbiter, a spinning coaster from Gerstlauer.