Saturday, December 28, 2019

Interesting Story Points to Persistent Troubles in SEAS' Corporate Waters

The parks appear to be doing better than they have in many years, but it appears as though the bumpy waters for the corporate level of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment have not calmed.  Though, perhaps they are moving into a less tumultuous phase in current days, with their latest CEO, Sergio Rivera, now at the helm.  He's only been in place for a few months, so it's a bit too early to tell on that front.

This latest story from Orlando Weekly doesn't necessarily present any new news, however it does nicely chronicle the ups and down of the company's recent years.  That includes not only the revolving door of CEOs, the loss of many super-experienced senior employees, but also the persistent rumors that the company will eventually be sold, taken private, or some combination of both.

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The author, Ken Storey, really did their research for the piece, and links to dozens of other stories to tell their tale.  While blogs like this one are only able to pop in on certain big news items, this story really helps show how it seems like SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment have been headed toward a sale or merger for quite some time now.

But, if you make it to the end of Ken's article, the popular rumor of Parques Reunidos purchasing the company seems to have cooled since Parques was just very recently bought and turned into a private company.  One thing seems for sure though, the majority stock holders of SEAS are definitely not going to turn their backs on what feels like an agenda to make a mint through some type of large transaction.  Exactly what that will be, only time will tell.  For now, enjoy all the attendance lifting new roller coasters!


cola boy said...

I quit a job in IT there earlier this year after only 8 months of working there due to the craziness of the management there. Add to that the run-down state of the backstage employee areas and cutting of office cleaning services (except, mercifully, the bathrooms) I could tell the company was (and is) not on a good course.