Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cedar Point Details a Plethora of Additions and Changes for 150th Anniversary in 2020

© Cedar Point
Today was Cedar Point's big announcement of many of the attractions and additions they have planned for 2020, which is the park's 150th anniversary.  Today also marks 150 days left until the park opens for the 2020 season, a fitting day to make all these announcements.

And there were a ton!  The park has a massive amount of things going on to celebrate the park's 150th, they're really pulling out all the stops.

Up top is concept art for the park's new ride for 2020, a relaxing journey named Snake River Expedition.  The boats will once again return to the waterways of the park, though the central lagoon is now known as Snake River.  The custom designed boats will take passengers on a journey that features a full story-line, with Trapper Dan needing help to smuggle some precious cargo.  There will be live actors, special effects and more along the route, which is scheduled to open on May 9th, 2020.

© Cedar Point
Cedar Point is also going to debut Celebrate 150 Spectacular, which is both a parade, nighttime extravaganza and street party - running each night June 12th through August 16th.  The park seems to be taking the success of the chain's Grand Carnivale, which features similar elements, and bumping it up a notch.

There will be 12 custom floats - some rather gigantic as seen above - that will honor pivotal aspects of Cedar Point's history.  The parade comes with more than 100 performers and an original score.  The end of the parade marks the street party which will feature "performances, dancing, pyrotechnics and music throughout the night."

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Everyone has been wondering what will go inside the former Town Hall Museum, which will be known as just Town Hall in 2020.  The inside has been totally cleaned out and will now feature an interactive timeline of the park's history.  The concept art above shows what some of the inside will look like, much more vibrant and modern.  The park says it will feature "rotating artifacts and displays that feature ride logo development and blueprints, concept renderings, scale models, breathtaking photography and more."  Sounds like a great place to explore and a wonderful addition to celebrate the long history of the park.

© Cedar Point
There will be many changes in food and beverage offerings for the park's 150th anniversary celebration.  Here we have a drawing of French Quarter Confections, a brand new building going up at the front of the park, replacing the existing Sweets stand an Bayou refreshments.  It will offer items such as fudge, funnel cakes, cotton candy and new waffles on a stick.  It will even have a chocolate fountain!

The park is also bringing back the original juice slush containers, the ones shaped like the fruit they are flavored as.  They will be available at the the C.P. Juice Co. near the Scrambler.

© Cedar Point
Located along the main midway, the popular Corral restaurant will be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.  Featuring two inside serving areas, the new restaurant will allow for faster service.  The menu will feature "hand-breaded chicken tenders, gourmet pizza with a focaccia crust, cheddar cheese, jalapeno or classic hot-dog-on-a-stick and the famous mozzarella cheese-on-a-stick."

The Mac Shack, featuring everyone's favorite comfort food mac & cheese bowls, will also be added near Toft's ice cream.

© Cedar Point
A new promotion the park is holding will offer guests a Ticket Of A Lifetime, should be they lucky enough to win.  During the season there will be 150 of these tickets given out, and each one grants the holder free entrance to the park for their life.  Plus, they get to award the same to three of their friends!  People can win from in park events, but also during online events and more - all starting in February (with more details on the way soon).

Those are a lot of changes, but there is even more planned!  The park's retail division is stepping up with a ton of exclusive merchandise (many limited edition and collectible) for the 150th.  The Pagoda Gift Shop will be renamed Celebration Central and feature all the goods in one central place.  The park is also starting button trading, with unique buttons being released each week - the only way to get the is the trade with employees!

© Cedar Point
Fans of the park may also make a permanent impression on it by purchasing a customizable brick that will be placed on the main midway as part of Legacy Walk.  Sales will start soon, and space is limited so everyone expects these to go fast!

That's a ton of stuff, but really there is even more we didn't cover here!  To read more details check out the park's blog post on the announcements, and be sure to watch the video below from the live stream announcement!