Thursday, December 26, 2019

Cedar Fair Donates Land Near Cedar Point for Landing Park + Waterfront Pathway

© City of Sandusky
Cedar Fair recently donated about 25 acres of land to the City Of Sandusky for them to work on a long-term plan to build Landing Park and a 13-mile waterfront recreational route.  The bulk of the land is located just behind the Cedar Point Sports Center along the waterfront.

The plan is for the City to use the land to develop Landing Park along with an extensive outdoor trail/path that would extend for miles along the shore.

© City of Sandusky
These images show some of what is planned for Landing Park, which would facilitate recreational activities both on land and in the water.  The pathway would connect parts of Sandusky that are now separated by water, allowing visitors to explore the area in a natural setting.

The plan first was heard about a couple years ago, and depended entirely on the donation of the land.  As progress has been made on planning the development, Cedar Fair held their end of the bargain and donated the land (and also received some tax benefits for the Sports Center as well).

© City of Sandusky
Since the project still needs a lot of funding it is not planned to be done until 2029, and will come with a sizable $24 million price tag.

With Cedar Point's evolution as a major destination resort still underway, projects like this one that will be born from the land donation will prove invaluable to the park.  While not a direct driver of guests into the park, it will make the area even more attractive to vacationers, offering another amenity to the area.  So really win win for both the City and the park.