Monday, December 23, 2019

SeaWorld San Antonio's Texas Stingray Wooden Coaster Makes First Run

© SeaWorld San Antonio
Exciting early Christmas present for SeaWorld San Antonio!  The park's new for 2020 wooden roller coaster, the Texas Stingray, has completed its first test run!

The custom designed Great Coasters International ride will be a thrilling addition for riders in 2020, but the park is so far ahead on construction that it has already started to test before the end of 2019.  The Texas Stingray stands 96 feet tall, features a 100 foot first drop and 3,379 feet of twisting track.  The ride has several tall curves and hills toward the start of the ride, with a low to the ground finish including a tunnel.

The park has released footage from the test run, which includes both on-ride and off-ride clips.  I love the speed of the ride, even when it is near the end of the course.  Check it out below!