Saturday, December 14, 2019

SeaWorld San Diego Tops Off New B&M Dive Coaster - Emperor

© SeaWorld San Diego
SeaWorld San Diego is hard at work building another new roller coaster for 2020, this time around a custom layout B&M Dive Coaster named Emperor.  Site clearing took place earlier in the fall, and recently track and supports started to go up.

The park has now topped off the ride, which stands 153 feet tall:

© SeaWorld San Diego
As with the park's other roller coasters, Emperor utilizes a color scheme that helps it to blend into the park's surroundings, a combination of teal and blue.  The new coaster will taken riders down a vertical 143 foot drop to hit a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour.

The ride's layout includes three inversions, an Immelmann, barrel roll and corkscrew.  In total the coaster will have around 2,500 feet of track when completed.  The ride's theming is linked to the "Emperor penguins’ journey from chilly, frosted cliffs to their deep dive into the depths of the ocean."

Here is some additional footage of the ride being topped off from the park via Theme Park Insider: