Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Worlds of Fun Makes Changes to 2020 Addition to Beat a World Record

© Worlds of Fun
The previously announced 2020 addition to Worlds of Fun's water park, Oceans of Fun, has received a small design change that has allowed it to become a world record breaking attraction.

The park has announced that Riptide Raceway, a 4 lane racing mat slide, has had the length of each path increased by ten feet, from 476.9 to 486 feet, to make it the longest slide of its kind in the world.  It is amazing what ten more feet of slide can do!

© Worlds of Fun
The park has also sent out this schematic of Riptide Raceway, giving us a detailed look at the path each of the four lanes will follow.  Riders need only be 42 inches tall to race, and using mats they will head down the lanes head-first through tight turns and enclosed sections, with a final drop toward the finish line.  The attraction will feature bright colors that will fit with the vibe of Ocean of Fun.

The slide will be built into the landscape of the park and start at around five stories above the final splash run out.  The competitive racing nature of the slide is sure to make it a popular attraction when Oceans of Fun opens for the 2020 season.