Thursday, November 21, 2019

California's Great America to Debut New In Park "High-Tech Kid Locator"

© California's Great America
California's Great America and announced that they will soon be offering a brand new high-tech kid locator system that's available to rent at the park - starting already with the opening of Winterfest!  The technology is powered by Luboo, which we first heard about last year during the IAAPA Expo.  At that point the company was planning on entering the North American market in "late 2019" which turned out to be pretty spot on.

© California's Great America
For parents who want the added security of knowing where their kids are at all times while in the park, the system allows them to download an app from Luboo and keep track of just that.  The app will show a map of the park and constantly update with their kids location, every 60 or 10 seconds depending on setting.

The kids wear the wristbands that are seen in these photos from the park, and they provide the GPS location with a high level of accuracy.  California's Great America is renting the system for $12 plus a refundable deposit when the wrist band is returned.  Amusement and theme parks have long looked for great ways to avoid "lost parents" as they call them, and this system appears to be a nice way to tackle that problem.