Thursday, November 14, 2019

Cedar Fair Says No Thanks to Purchase of Schlitterbahn Kansas City

© Google Maps
Back when Cedar Fair purchased two of Schlitterbahn's iconic water parks they also had the right to potentially purchase the remains of Schlitterbahn Kansas City, which sat dormant for the 2019 season, for $6 million.  The company only had so long to decide to make the purchase or not, and that time has now passed with no sale completed.

The local news is reporting that while Cedar Fair has let their option to buy the water park expire, local officials are still hopeful that it can operate as a water park again some day in the future.  Who would be the owner and operator is unclear, however.

The Kansas City water park was set to be the start of a large vacation destination that Schlitterbahn was going to develop, though little more than the water park was ever built.  The park's prior troubles are believed to have led the private Schlitterbahn company to be forced to sell two of their parks in the first place.

Some argued that if Cedar Fair purchased and operated the park it could be a secondary attraction for Worlds of Fun, however they already have a fully developed water park there with Ocean of Fun.  In the end it appears as though Cedar Fair didn't see the value in having two water parks operating so close to one another.