Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hersheypark Tops Off New Candymonium Roller Coaster

© Hersheypark
We just covered the latest photos of Candymonium at Hersheypark the other day, but since then the park has topped off the ride!  That's some pretty big news, so we can't pass up sharing a bit more about the ride from the footage the park released to mark the occasion.

After the top of the lift hill was carefully put into place Candymonium was proudly standing 210 feet over Hersheypark.  The video that the park sent out had some neat drone footage that gives us amazing views of not only Candymonium but also the progress that has been made on Chocolatetown.  You can see the new buildings for the area spread out in the construction zone, and of course Candymonium is looking pretty good too!

© Hersheypark
This aerial shot is the first good look we've had at work on the rest of Candymonium's layout, and you can see tons of footers for the out and back portion of the ride already in place.  The ride will cut directly through nearly the entire length of the area that Hersheypark gained in recent years.  I can only imagine how this area will be filled with additional park expansions in the future!

Here is the full video that Hersheypark released of their brand new B&M hyper coaster being topped off!