Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Great Coasters International is building Texas Stingray for SeaWorld San Antonio

The following is an unedited press release:

Texas Stingray – Opening Spring 2020
SeaWorld San Antonio has announced exciting details about Texas Stingray; the tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coaster in the state of Texas.  This record-breaking coaster, which will reach a top speed of 55 mph, includes a breathtaking hundred-foot drop and a sensory-bending hundred-foot long tunnel.  Texas Stingray marks a major addition to SeaWorld San Antonio’s gravity-defying roller coaster portfolio with five unique coaster experiences.

Texas Stingray Fast Facts
Opening Date:  Spring 2020
Type of Ride:  Wooden roller coaster, the tallest, fastest and longest in Texas
Special Features:  57-degree first drop and 76 degree high turns
Ride Length:  3,379 feet of track
Drop Height:  100-foot drop
Maximum Speed:  55 mph
Maximum Height:  96 feet
Tunnel:  100 feet
Airtime Hills:  16 airtime hills
Minimum Rider Height:  46 inches
Ride Duration:  More than two minutes
Ride Manufacturer:  Great Coasters International (GCI)