Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Extreme Engineering

Matt to discuss three major projects opening first quarter of 2020, including over 12 new adventure rides introduced in 2019,with 2 major adventure parks opening in 2020. Phil to briefly discuss our collaboration with The Producers Group on their latest dark ride attraction,called “The Dark Rider” and a snapshot of what our design team completed in 2019.

Also celebrate the engineering design and fabrication work we did in 2019 with Dollywood’s tree for the Wildwood Grove expansion project along with design work on providing coaster anchors for Universal’s Hagrids coaster and Jurassic World to redesigning outdated Hopkin’s flume ride carts. In celebration of our 25th year anniversary in 2020, Extreme Engineering has launched an entirely new website just before this year’s IAAPA Expo. We will also be developing a new coaster attraction that will be debuted in 2020 so please stay tuned on our website for sneak peaks as the project progresses.

The Producers Group has a very interesting project and we can't wait to experience it for ourselves.