Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando to Open March 27th + New Concept Art

© SeaWorld Orlando
Today SeaWorld Orlando announced that their new themed area, Sesame Street, will open to the public for the first time on March 27th - just 20 days from now!  The brand new addition is filled with rides, interactive attractions, entertainment, dining options and more, all based in the colorful world of Sesame Street and its characters.

Visitors will be able to interact with several famous Sesame Street residents, including Elmo - through his window which is pictured above - along with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby and plenty more.

© SeaWorld Orlando
The sprawling six-acre addition will bring to life family sized rides such as Elmo's Choo Choo Train, pictured here, along with a roller coaster named Super Grover's Box Car Derby, Cookie Drop, which bounces guests high in the sky, a gentle spinning ride that gives aerial view of the area, named Abby's Flower Tower, and more.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando will feature plenty of interactive elements, including both wet and dry play areas for kids.  Above is the Rubber Duckie Water Works, filled with pop jet fountains and other exciting elements.  The 123 Count-Around Playground is a dry play area that's billed as the "coolest playground on any street."  Those looking to explore the entire Sesame Street area might want to invest in one of Elmo's Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wands, which will let them "magically" interact with the area and its characters through "special-effects, hidden surprises and exclusive content".

Families will also love the award-winning Sesame Street Party Parade, which will be the first parade ever held at the park.  The famous Sesame Street Characters will be on board colorful floats and will invite guests to get up and sing and dance along with them during the parade.

© SeaWorld Orlando
All this fun is sure to make visitors hungry, and Sesame Street will feature a new food truck section filled with healthy meal choices.  There will also be a signature beverage stand, all of which can be seen in this concept art.

For anyone looking to take home a souvenir from Sesame Street, Hooper's Store will be an essential stop along the way.  Filled with plush characters, clothing and more, the store will also feature several photo spots unique to SeaWorld Orlando.