Sunday, March 31, 2019

Aquatica Orlando's New Slide - KareKare Curl - Opens April 12th

© Aquatica Orlando
A thrilling new water slide named KareKare Curl will be holding its grand opening at Aquatica Orlando on April 12th, the park has announced.

Although a curious water slide name at first, KareKare means "waves" in the Maori language, so upon a bit more thought it makes perfect sense when paired with curl.  The new slide features a giant curled shape wall that riders will be sliding on during the adventure.

© Aquatica Orlando
Also called a "wave wall," sliders will encounter the dramatic finish to the slide after they meander through a colorful enclosed section of the slide.  Then will fly down a steep drop and into the curled wall section, giving a brief moment of weightlessness as they come to a stop and slide back down to finish their run.  The above concept art from the park gives an idea of how the finished product will look.

Aquatica Orlando is also advertising themselves as the "thrill leader among Florida" water parks, noting that they have "more high thrill riders than any other" water park.  The addition of KareKare Curl come just one season after Aquatica Orlando opened Ray Rush, which was voted the world's best new water ride in a nationwide poll.

To learn more about KareKare Curl and Aquatica Orlando, check out their official website.