Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dorney Park to Celebrate This Summer With Grand Carnivale International Celebration

© Dorney Park
Dorney Park has announced that this summer, specifically July 20th through August 11th, the park will come alive each night with a brand new signature event named Grand Carnivale.  The experience will feature a festive atmosphere complete with an all-new Spectacle of Color Parade, new entertainment and dining experiences, along with a Carnival Street Party that will keep the fun going until park close.

The event is actually being launched at four Cedar Fair parks this year, with Kings Dominion, Kings Island and Worlds of Fun also premiering the spectacle of Grand Carnivale.

Described as a "one-of-a-kind immersive evening spectacular featuring a high-spirited parade and nightly street party; the richly-themed event will spotlight a kaleidoscope of cultures with food, drink and live entertainment from around the world."  Grand Carnivale will explore the "energy, splendor and mystery of China, France, Germany, India and Italy with authentic food, signature beverages, music, dance and performances."

© Dorney Park
Grand Carnivale will start with a nightly Spectacle of Color Parade, a major production that will feature nine elaborate floats created in partnership between 3dx, a scenic experience designer, and Kern Studios, who has created floats for New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebration for decades.  The floats will feature bright colors and lights, and include a "larger-than-life elephant, Bollywood performers, a Jules Verne airship" and more.  The parade will be hosted by the King of Carnivale, and his elaborate cast of performers will have ornate costumes and throw plenty of beads to visitors as the floats pass.  The parade will also feature an "electrifying musical score" to top things off.

At Dorney Park, the parade is planned to start near the Carousel Grove, move through the main pathway of Planet Snoopy, turn past White Water Landing and head down the Main Midway toward the park's entrance.  The park will be releasing more details about the production as the event draws closer.

© Dorney Park
When the parade is over several of the floats will park along the Main Midway, which will quickly transform into the Carnivale Street Party.  The park is installing new infrastructure along the Main Midway to accommodate the fun, including all new festive lighting, several new performance stages, and a food and beverage booth representing each of the celebrated countries.  There will also be a separate bar in the area serving adult beverages.

The Carnivale Street Party will feature a huge cast of characters, including many of those in the parade, plenty of activities and interactive experiences aimed at all age levels, live music and more.  The party-like atmosphere will be bright, colorful and fun, to say the least. 

The food and beverage booths representing the various countries will offer a limited menu of unique dishes that fit the country's theme, along with a unique themed beverage as well. 

© Dorney Park
A couple other tidbits about Dorney Park's plans for 2019 arrived today as well, including the creation of The Solomon Center, which is a new park employee training, learning and meeting location in what was formerly the Dino-Store.  Named to honor the man credited with starting the park's development, the location may not be open to the public but will serve a great purpose to park team members.  Also, a new set of restrooms will open in Wildwater Kingdom, located on the walkway to the main locker rental center built a few years back.  The park has also added another weekend onto the operating season, marking the latest into the year that the park has ever been open - Friday November 1st through Sunday November 3rd.

Finally, the park promises that all this isn't the last new news to come out regarding the 2019 season, we'll have to stay tuned for exactly what that is!