Monday, March 11, 2019

Scott And Carol Present - Construction Photos of Kentucky Kingdom's Kentucky Flyer


We met up with Sam, who arranged for the rain to pause, so we didn't get soaking wet during our tour. He has a long history with the park as a Louisville native and regaled us with park stories during our tour.     


From high above on a water slide, you can see the construction crew tracking the first drop. Just beyond the canopy over the station, you can see the transfer track. Kentucky Flyer will have two (2) trains.


Even the crossover section has lots of airtime to thrill you and not-so-young alike. This gives a great view of some of the twelve moments of airtime on the ride.


The turnaround will obviously generate some strong laterals, hence the extra support. By using a steel support structure, the park can save money on maintenance and lots of space.

It might not be the tallest drop, but since Kentucky Kingdom wanted a bluegrass version of Wooden Warrior, you know this is just the beginning of a ride with loads of airtime.

The outbound leg rise high above the return track. Notice how instead of going just up and down, there will be changes of direction mixed in with the airtime. Our thanks to Sam, and Kentucky Kingdom for whetting our appetites on this dreary day. We can hardly wait for 4/28/2019 for the park to open.