Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lagoon Amusement Park Already Working on New Coaster for 2021

© Fox 13 Salt Lake City
It seems that Lagoon Amusement Park, in Utah, is always working on some project, whether big or small, and usually completing the task in-house.  That was certainly the case with their massive roller coaster Cannibal, which opened in 2015, an impressive ride with a 208 foot vertical lift, a 116 degree first drop and several inversions along the course.

The park has moved on to their next big project, which appears to be another large roller coaster, for 2021.  This news story spoke with the park about the expansion, but they're not giving much away about it yet.  In fact, most assumed the ride would open in 2020 but the park made it pretty clear that the soonest we will see this open in 2021.

Aerial footage of the construction site shows a work area that's about as big as Cannibal's, with some large footings going into place.  Really the only other thing that Lagoon would confirm is that the ride will be very different form Cannibal, and a one of a kind in the world.

Lagoon trademarked the name Primordial for some sort of attraction, and many think the ride under construction will be it - though only the park knows for sure.  One thing is for sure, for footings for something that looks more like a building than a coaster already going in this must be a rather large project!