Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bay Beach Amusement Park Building 100 Foot Tall Ferris Wheel for 2019

© wbay.com
Green Bay, Wisconsin's Bay Beach Amusement Park is well known for its recreation of the famous Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster, but in 2019 it's adding some more gentle thrills to the ride lineup.  The unique municipal amusement park along the shore of the Green Bay of Lake Michigan is building a 100 foot tall Ferris wheel that is the start of an even larger project.

The ride recently started to be built at the park, as the image above and this news story from WBAY.com show.  Formally known as The Big Wheel, it will give amazing views of Green Bay when it begins operation this summer.

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
The Ferris Wheel will be the start of an renovation to the property that will eventually lead to visitors being able to swim in the bay - something that hasn't been available in almost 100 years.  The wheel will be located at the base of a 450 foot long pier that will extend into the bay, seen above, offering even more picturesque views of the water.

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
Bay Beach is hoping to be able to then open a 1,000 foot long sand beach by 2020 that will allow for swimming in the lake, and plenty of other summertime fun.  This drawing shows how the new Ferris wheel will be an integral part of the plans.  Fundraising for the remaining money needed to complete the beach project are ongoing, with more information available here.