Saturday, December 1, 2018

IAAPA Expo: Sally Corp. + PortAventura Reveal New Sesame Street Themed Dark Ride

© PortAventura
The recent IAAPA Expo featured plenty of new announcements, including a reveal of a new Sesame Street dark ride - the first of its kind in Europe - to be built next year at PortAventura.  To be located in the existing Sesamo Aventura themed section, the new ride will feature animatronics and other theming designed by Sally Corporation, a leader in dark ride adventures.

The new attraction will represent a large expansion of the Sesame Street themed area at PortAventura, contained in a brand new 14,000 square foot building.  The nearly six-minute ride will be part of a 15 minute adventure when the pre-show is factored in.

During the attraction riders will join Detective Grover on a mission to investigate a mystery that's taking place on Sesame Street, and the ride features more than 2,000 physical and virtual clues to uncover.  It sounds as though riders will be able to use some sort of technology to gather these clues, as the ride is labeled as interactive and will feature a hall of fame scoreboard.

Other technology inside the ride includes 8 different projector screens that include 4 projection-mapped screens on dimensional sets with practical target integration, 1 ninety-degree curved screen with animatronic and show element synching, and 2 one hundred eighty-degree curved, fully immersive screens allow guests to fly through Count’s Castle and dive down into Oscar’s Trash can. 

Scott and Carol were able to capture the entire announcement for the new Sesame Street dark ride at PortAventura during the IAAPA Expo.  The end of the announcement features the reveal of a full sized Big Bird animatronic, check out the video above!