Monday, December 3, 2018

IAAPA Expo: Legoland Florida Provides Details of New Flying Attraction

© Legoland Florida
We already know that Legoland Florida is hard at work building a brand new themed area, The Lego Movie World, which will open in spring 2019 and feature a real-life trip into the setting of The Lego Movie.

At the recent IAAPA Expo the theme park revealed more information on the area's marquee attraction, known as The Lego Movie Masters of Flight.  After entering downtown Bricksburg, visitors will see the large show building for Masters of Flight towering over the area.  It can be seen in the upper left portion of the above concept art, and is made up to look like a giant dog.

When inside riders will sit on a new triple-decker couch and go on a flying journey through the many worlds of The Lego Movie.  The attraction has been created by Brogent Technologies, which is known for creating flying theater attractions around the globe.  Specifically, Masters of Flight will be the company's first ever instillation of their m-Ride system.  The attraction will load passengers facing away from the giant 20 meter tall dome screen, turning them around for a huge reveal of the world before them.  The vehicles are capable of several degrees of movement, allowing for a true feeling of flight during the ride.  Other special effects, such as wind, mist and smells will be used to further enhance the experience.

Scott and Carol were able to get a ton of great information on The Lego Movie Masters of Flight attraction during Legoland Florida's press conference at the IAAPA Expo.  The park even had a model of the attraction to show how some of the mechanics of the ride will work.  There are also some great tidbits about the development of the ride, and whether or not it could show up at other parks in the future.  Plus a surprise announcement for the Legoland Florida Resort at the end.  Check it out above!