Saturday, December 29, 2018

Japan's First Rocky Mountain Construction Coaster - White Whale - Major Progress Update

Everyone gets pretty excited for new Rocky Mountain Construction projects, and rightfully so, so it is awesome to see one of the company's 2019 rides making major progress in Japan.  The ride, named Hakugei, translates into White Whale, is a conversion of the park's former wooden coaster, White Cyclone.

Being that the ride is in Japan we aren't seeing a lot of construction updates but they are out there... mostly on Twitter.

The above user has been taking regular updates of the ride from an adjacent Ferris wheel, and it looks like a ton of progress has already been made on White Whale.

The ride's original wooden track and been totally removed at this point, with new Rocky Mountain steel track already going up on the structure.  I love the blue track on white supports, similar to the look of Six Flags Over Georgia's Twisted Cyclone, though that ride's supports are more gray than white.  Looking closely at the photos you can make out a pretty fun looking outward banked hill in the middle of the ride, and track in place for the lower level of the helix area.

White Whale is a very large RMC project, standing 180 feet tall with 5,020 feet of track along with a 67 mph top speed.  The first drop, which is very evident in these photos and video, is 80 degrees and is sure to be a thrilling start to the ride.