Friday, November 30, 2018

Footers Galore For Kentucky Kingdom's New Kentucky Flyer Wooden Coaster

© Kentucky Kingdom
We have some new photos from Kentucky Kingdom of the park's current work on the Kentucky Flyer, a family-sized wooden roller coaster opening at the park in 2019.

The new coaster will zoom along the backside of Hurricane Bay, the property's water park.  The station will be located just beyond the park's picnic area, and the layout will extend out along the top part of the park from there.

These photos show that a big portion of the ride's footings are already in place!  You can clearly see the out-and-back layout style coming together here with footer-attachments (my made up terminology) in two rows along the path.

© Kentucky Kingdom
Designed by The Gravity Group, the Kentucky Flyer will stand 45 feet tall and have 1,280 feet of track.  The ride extends beyond the park's current boundaries, with the turn around taking place on some land reserved for future expansion.  This aerial photo shows the ride's layout snaking its way across the back of the park, cutting through the land berm that had been created, and then the turnaround footings being poured on the right of the photo.  From the ride's planning, we now know that much of the empty space in the back by the turn around is land the park can use in the future.

© Kentucky Kingdom
With so much of the footings in place, that means that vertical construction can't be too far away, and this photo would certainly seem to indicate that.  We've got workers starting to cut wood pieces, perhaps for the station area, which often goes up first on wooden coasters.  I wouldn't be surprised to be sharing photos of some significant vertical progress on the Kentucky Flyer in the coming weeks!