Sunday, December 23, 2018

Busch Gardens Tampa Confirmed to be Working With Rocky Mountain Construction on Gwazi

© Google Maps
The clues that Busch Gardens Tampa revealed during their announcement for Tigris, the park's new coaster for 2019, regarding their 2020 attraction made it clear that Gwazi would be renovated into a new attraction.  The park gave out some not-so-subtle hints that perhaps we were looking at another Rocky Mountain Construction conversion, which naturally excited coaster fans across the globe.

But, it still wasn't 100% for sure, as parks are known from time to time to throw their biggest fans off the trail when planning big new attractions.

However, it is clear now that Rocky Mountain Construction is indeed the firm working on the conversion, as revealed in this post from Coaster Kings.  The park had already filed some plans with the city for work on Gwazi, but the application was just recently updated with three magic words as the "licensed professional" doing the work:  Rocky Mountain Construction.

© Busch Gardens Tampa
While it's now clear that Gwazi will be RMC'd for 2020, there still remains a lot of questions about the plan.  The largest probably being whether or not the new coaster will have two tracks, as Gawzi did, or just one, or even one that covers both sides like Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Plus all the ride statistics, theming, the new name, and plenty more await us as the months tick by!