Friday, December 28, 2018

Casino Pier Building 4 New Rides for 2019 Season

© Casino Pier
Casino Pier, located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, is continuing to build back its roster of rides and attractions after suffering great losses from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.  Each year they've added new rides, including a major roller coaster - Hydrus - in 2017.

They're expanding again in 2019, have just announced four new rides.  The first, seen above, is named Centrifuge and will be a return of a classic ride that was at the park before Hurricane Sandy.  Centrifuge will be an indoor Scrambler ride with plenty of lighting effects, smoke and music, and is already highly anticipated by fans of the park.

© Casino Pier
Up next is a children's log flume ride, which will be named the Mermaid Parade.  Created by Zamperla rides, the attraction will keep small visitors busy as they splash down a small drop during the 130 feet of flume.

© Casino Pier
Another family attraction, the Elephant Express will spin riders around in the air when it opens next year.  A sketch of the ride is seen above, and riders will be able to control the height of the elephants using a lever in the car.

The last new ride will be known as the Crazy Cabs, and will be a new style of ride.  Created by SBF/Visa Group, the ride features spinning cars on a turntable that is elevated at an angle.  The video above best shows how the ride will look at the Pier, and it sure looks like a thrilling, or perhaps dizzying, ride!