Monday, July 9, 2018

Universal Orlando Previews New Cinematic Celebration Lagoon Show

A series of preview performances of Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration have started to take place at Universal Studios Florida.  Since the performances are part of a technical rehearsal, there is no set schedule of when the show will run, but many lucky guests have already been able to enjoy the experience just before the theme park closes for the day.

The 19 minute long Cinematic Celebration features 120 different fountains in the park's central lagoon, some of which can blast water well over 100 feet in the air.  There are 7 large water screen that feature projections of sequences from many of Universal's hit properties, including Jurassic World, the Minions, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter and plenty more.  The fountains are capable of a plethora of color combinations, and the entire background of the park becomes a set for projection mapping during the  performance.  Plus, there's fireworks and other special effects strewn throughout the performance.

The official kickoff for the show will take place once these rehearsals are completed, scheduled to be during this summer.  For now, if you can't get to the park to watch the show there are plenty of videos of it showing up on YouTube.

The below video, from Orlando Experience, features one of the performances where many of the special effects - including fireworks - were used.  Check it out!